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Inspiration based designs

by Karla Piatt

Welcome to Fusion by Karla!

This year is all about Energy and Flow. I have transitioned from creating mostly abstract work to representational, and as a result have worked to perfect my interpretation of various wildlife. You can always view my work at the Schooner in Netarts! We have all new art to show this year from large to small! Come see us!

Art is like the air we breathe.Through - warm glass and acrylic painting, I have found an avenue to express myself in ways I had never dreamed. Each design is composed of one piece of fused glass, personally designed and hand cut, mounted onto a reinforced uniquely designed canvas. My goal with warm glass is to find a way to express myself through pushing the boundaries of technology - why do we need two layers of glass? How much open space is feasible. The answers to these and other questions have led me to some amazing creations. I have not yet reached my limit and to push to larger and more complex pieces.

My primary studio is in Portland, Oregon.  I also have my original studio in the small town of Netarts, Oregon where I have three kilns that run almost continuously.   Please enjoy!!

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