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2016 Art Show Schedule!

2016 Art Show Schedule

  1. June 4-5:         Wilsonville’s Festival of Arts, Wilsonville
  2. July 2-3:          Tillamook Freedom Festival, Blue Heron, Tillamook
  3. July 2,3,4:       Art and the Vineyard, Eugene
  4. July 8-9:          Sisters Artist Marketplace at the Quilt show, Sisters
  5. July 9-10:        Sandy Mountain Festival, Sandy
  6. July 9-10:        Bend Summer Festival, Bend, OR

SOLD at the Three Rivers Artist Guild Gallery

During the Fall and Winter seasons, you can find my work at the Three Rivers Artist Guild Gallery in the Singer Hill Cafe. It is located on 7th Street in Oregon City.  

Here are a few pieces that have sold:

Tips for smooth edges

Let's start talking about some tips for working with fused glass. Have you ever found that after cutting your curve or circle that the cuts are not smooth? Maybe the glass didn't break evenly. There are two approaches. One is to grind the glass prior to fusing and the other is to grind (with an electric grinder - water keeps it cool) after fusing. I find it is actually easier to grind before firing the glass - this way, if I break the glass I can easily cut a new piece. And, any scratches will disappear when fired.

Welcome to Fusion by Karla!

Welcome everyone! Our first show took place September 8-9th (2012) where we unveiled my new approach to fused glass. It was a rewarding experience! Take a look at the slide show to see some of the designs that sold during this event! Enjoy. Oh - and sign up for our email list!
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