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Tips for smooth edges

Let's start talking about some tips for working with fused glass. Have you ever found that after cutting your curve or circle that the cuts are not smooth? Maybe the glass didn't break evenly. There are two approaches. One is to grind the glass prior to fusing and the other is to grind (with an electric grinder - water keeps it cool) after fusing. I find it is actually easier to grind before firing the glass - this way, if I break the glass I can easily cut a new piece. And, any scratches will disappear when fired. On the other hand, grinding after will leave marks, scratches, and possible will require you to re-fuse. Bringing the glass up to tack temperature does not remove scratches. It is possible to polish the glass - but one risks shattering the glass if you use too high of a speed (slow speed is best!). What have you found?
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